The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has added "Traditional Morgans" to their 2013 Conservation Priority List (CPL). Traditional Morgans (those Morgans whose pedigrees are free of outcrosses since 1930) will be added to the Study category.

Thank you to Ina Ish, Byran Childress and Pam McDermott for facilitating this and thank you to all who made this partnership a reality.

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Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club included in the American Livestock Breeds Conservation Priority List
Both groups working to promote and protect the heritage of the Foundation Morgan Horse

April 22, 2013  The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club is pleased to announce that it has formed a working partnership with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC), and that the ALBC has made the decision to include the Traditional Morgan Horse in its Conservation Priority List.

The designation of  "Morgan - Traditional" is the same as the definition of Foundation breeding utilized by the Cornerstone Club -- no outcrosses after 1930.  It includes many of our Morgan "families" that individual breeders and organizations have worked to preserve,  such as Lippitt,  Western Working, Brunk, Lambert, and old Government bloodlines.  It represents a subset of the larger Morgan registry, and focuses on "old-fashioned" Morgan bloodlines. 
The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club, a National Service Organization, is accredited by the American Morgan Horse Association. Our members are Morgan Horse breeders and enthusiasts, committed to promoting and supporting  Foundation and high-percentage Foundation Morgan Horses in all venues, whether in competition or pleasure. 
ALBC is dedicated to the preservation of heritage livestock breeds.  It chooses breeds of animals that are in danger of being lost or diluted in modern breeding trends or disappearing altogether, and promotes awareness and appreciation of these traditional animals.  Its stated mission is  "Ensuring the future of agriculture through genetic conservation and the promotion of endangered breeds of livestock and poultry".  This mission dovetails nicely with the mission of the Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club.

Inclusion on the Conservation Priority List means the ALBC, in conjunction with Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club, will track the numbers of Traditional Morgans registered each year, educate people about traditional livestock breeds and their roles in sustainable agriculture, and work with breeders, farmers, and breed associations to promote the Morgan as a heritage horse breed. Traditional Morgans will be featured on the ALBC web site and in their educational and promotional literature.

 Working with ALBC can help breeders of Foundation and High-Percentage Foundation Morgans expand their exposure and their markets, as many people entering agriculture in the age of niche markets and small farmsteads are interested in heritage livestock breeds.  The Morgan horse has been the backbone of the small farmstead for over 200 years, he is deeply intertwined in the history of our nation,  and it is good to include him with the other sturdy, hardy breeds of livestock that helped build American agriculture.

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