Membership in Cornerstone Morgan Horse Inc. is open to anyone who breeds, owns or admires Foundation bred and high-percentage Foundation bred Morgan horses. AMHA membership is not required and members do not need to own a Morgan horse.

Annual Membership Dues 
$25.00 for an individual membership
$35.00 for a family membership (2 or more living in the same household)
$10.00 for a non-voting Youth membership for youth under the age of 18 

Each individual or family membership represents one vote. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.  Members who have not paid dues for the current year by January 1 will be notified by email, and if dues are not paid by February 1, the member will be removed from the membership list and the chat lists. Dues are non-refundable. 

How to Join
1. See the Club Bylaws and Rules
2. Apply for Membership (3 options):
a. Printable - Membership Application (pdf)
b. Printable - Welcome Packet here. This includes a Welcome Letter, Rules, Bylaws and Membership application in one long pdf.  Everything you need to join.
c. Online - Fill out the online form here
3. Pay for membership by paypal click here  

   To pay with a check made payable to Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. c/o Megan Vogel 1836 Millstream Drive, Frederick, MD 21702.

Benefits of Membership
- Subscription to the members-only Cornerstone Morgan Horse chat list on
- Newsletter with free farm news and classifieds for members.
- Opportunity to participate in group advertising for discounted fee in many different advertising venues
- Opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals
- Opportunity to promote Foundation and High Percentage Foundation Morgans.

See a Sample of Our Award Winning Newsletter Here

Quotes from Members about Cornerstone
"Cornerstone Morgan Horse Inc. gives me the opportunity to support efforts to promote the Foundation Morgan Horse. Some Morgan enthusiasts are more active in promoting their horses than my time permits, but the club offers me the chance to lend a helping hand in their efforts. Together, we achieve far more than we can on our own.”

“Cornerstone is a place where I can learn more about the Foundation Morgan Horse, and how to promote them. I hear, every day, about the different events and competitions in which we can show off our Morgans.”

“This is a great opportunity to commune with like-minded Foundation Morgan Horse lovers, and to hear about their successes and challenges.”

“We have already recognized the benefits of group advertising and promotion, giving us the opportunity to get involved, when we might not have been able to afford it, on our own.”

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