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Membership in Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. is open to anyone who breeds, owns or admires Foundation bred and high-percentage Foundation bred Morgan horses.   AMHA membership is not required and members do not need to own a Morgan horse.

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Welcome to Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc, a 501c3 Non Profit. We are also a National Service Organization, accredited by the American Morgan Horse Association. Our members are Morgan Horse enthusiasts, committed to promoting and supporting Foundation and high-percentage Foundation Morgan Horses in all venues, whether in competition or pleasure.

If you are interested in having more fun with your horse while learning more about the Foundation Morgan Horse, please join us. Visit us often to see what's happening in our world. Get to know us. Become a member and play a role in the advancement of the original American horse

Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. Mission Statement:
To promote and encourage the continued genetic purity of Foundation bred Morgan horses with no modern outcrosses (ie: no Saddlebred after 1930, exception: Ladelle), as defined at FoundationMorganhorse.com, with the goal of increasing the breeding, use, showing and enjoyment of these unique and special horses.

To promote all families of Foundation bred Morgans without prejudice nor judgment regarding color, gait, or Foundation bloodline, as a celebration of the Foundation Morgan’s versatility and diversity.

To raise the profile of Foundation bred Morgans within the AMHA and its publications, other horse-related publications and in both open and breed competitions.

Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. will be open to anyone who is interested in breeding, training, showing or owning foundation bred Morgans. Owners and breeders of horses with a high percentage of foundation breeding are also encouraged to join and participate.

Great News!
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has added "Traditional Morgans" to their 2013 Conservation Priority List (CPL). Traditional Morgans (those Morgans whose pedigrees are free of outcrosses since 1930) will be added to the Study category. Thank you to Ina Ish, Byran Childress and Pam McDermott for facilitating this.

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